Brush Busters came to life as a result of our experience in using goats to naturally clear overgrown areas on our property and realizing that this service would be beneficial to others. Brush Busters provides an alternative to using herbicides or mechanical equipment to remove unwanted brush, vines and invasive plants such as kudzu from your property.

Goats offer a low impact, environmentally friendly method to remove and control vegetation.  Major corporations, public works centers and even military bases are currently using goats in their vegetation management programs.  We’ve used our goats for weed control in designated organic areas at Clemson University Coastal Research and Educational Center.

Vegetation Control - Down to Earth

Traditional methods of managing unwanted vegetation have become more expensive, and ecologically undesirable. As a result more companies, large and small, are thinking outside the box and finding sound alternatives.

One of those alternatives, goats, has been used to clear problem areas throughout the country for years. Goats are being used by creative site managers to do what they do naturally ... Clear vegetation!

Here is a partial list of problem vegetation requiring control measures:

 Oak, gum, hickory and pine saplings
 Morning Glory
 Poison Ivy/Poison Oak and a variety of vines
 Wild mustard

Long list of weeds and brush

Unwanted vegetation can create a number of problems/concerns such as:

  Potential fire hazard

Traffic safety issues by obstructing vision

Can encourage littering while limiting access to area for litter removal

Potential reduction of property value due to appearance of area

  Limits land use options
  In some cases governmental regulations may require specific standards for vegetation       control such as with retention/detention ponds and municipalities

We use this system to clear problem areas on our own farm and Brush Busters will work with you to address your vegetation control issues in a professional, economically sound way. Contact us today.



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